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I’m feelin’ inspired to share one of my big dreams and interpret it with you… Dragon Rider won the vote in the group, so thanks guys! This is kind of like a case study with the intent to illustrate how one could go about interpreting a dream.

So first, the dream story. It’s good to give the dream a Title and write in present tense so it’s easier to track as you go back through it.

Dragon Rider

There’s a man on a horse upon a plateau, high in the mountains. A huge gold dragon flies by and swallows the horse and man whole. Then, I’m on the back of a white Pegasus, same plateau. The moment we leap into the air, the Pegasus turns into the gold dragon. We fly past a white translucent air dragon floating in the air, curling around itself, pulsing in and out of visibility. Next thing I remember I’m in a confrontation with a man. He has a very long pencil and I feel he means to hurt the dragon. I leap onto the gold dragon’s back, which I notice has bronze and copper scales with these glyphic designs all over its body. At its crown are these beautiful different colored scales, like jewels, and I intuitively know that each represents different worlds in the galaxy. Within moments of being on the dragon’s back, the bond is made and our minds and hearts are as One (exactly like in Avatar). We swoop around the confronting man with the very long pencil and I snap it in two places, making a triangle. He looks at me, utterly surprised that I would do such a thing…

My dreamwork process.

In my last letter, I wrote about the idea of interpreting dreams carefully without flattening them. With this one, it’s not easy, because my mind is already lurking around the Dragon and Pegasus symbology, rather than first a living consciousness with sovereign agency. But because I cannot ignore the obvious mythological significance, I’ll just have to do my best to stay loyal as I track the dream.

First, note the major elements of the dream.

The mountain.

The man on the horse.


The golden dragon.

The jeweled scales.

The pencil.

Then, steep in the relationship between the dream elements. (Freestyle write.)

The man on the horse and the female on a flying horse highlight a polarity.

The process the masculine goes through is very different than the feminine. He actually must be swallowed whole. His is a death process. Either this is what’s necessary for the alchemy of the masculine within me to be transformed into the pegasus-dragon riding feminine, or this is the respective process that these two parts of me has to undergo to become truly, viscerally, actively one with the golden Dragon and her medicine.

So the masculine is devoured and dies, the feminine must mount and merge with the process itself and become a kin of the beast. She is also the heroine of the dream and experiences an apotheosis toward the end.

The Pegasus is the Golden Dragon. I’m crying with the depth of love and loyalty in our kinship. I feel in awe that I am worthy enough to receive such friendship. This feeling of love is the anchor into this dream’s stored power for me.

Both Pegasus and the Dragon are upperworld dwellers, as also signified by the mountain. They are transcendent and ancient. They are mystics. Pegasus holds a very significant place in my inner life, being an ally to me in the ways of moving from fear and trauma to wisdom and lucidity. The Dragon is said to be a keeper of ancient wisdom. My relationship with the Dragon is about its guardianship of my inner treasures and practices. Sipping tea with my friend Jen one morning, we were musing on the archetype of “the Dragon that guards the treasure”. She said something that I absorbed in great reverence: We each have our own inner dragon, whose job it is to guard our inner treasure, like a personal practice that brings us to ourselves, brings us joy, nourishes us [i.e. yoga, tea ceremony, dance, music, meditation, morning pages etc.]…..and sometimes our dragon must guard it from ourselves. From the mind, the excuses, the incoherent beliefs…

Which leads me to the man with the pencil. It feels like he may be trying to slay the living wisdom (dragon) or kill the practice with his long-penciled intellect. But thankfully, the dragon rider, who has already merged with her Dragon and galactic scales of knowing, will not allow it. Rather than fight or dominate the situation, she swiftly reveals the underlying trinity, marked by the pencil (tool of the intellect) being broken into a triangle.

Distilling the Essence.

I awake with the visceral reminder that the mind is just one point in a holistic system with heart and higher self. And that being devoured by and merging with this knowing is a balanced way to remain loyal to my practices and remain intact in the upperworlds.

Letting the dream breathe…

Whats most important for me as I arrive at the “end” of an interpretation is that the dream does not feel flattened, that I don’t feel like I’ve “figured it out” and can now discard it, especially the big dreams. I don’t actually assume that anything I just said is true about my dream. Offering up my long-penciled intellect be reoriented and balanced.

So I let the dream go, beholden of its power in a delicate dance between surrender and focus.

“Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.” -Joseph Campbell

Any reflections on this dream are wholly welcomed! Would love to hear your take and experience your dreamwork process.

Also, I just want to drop a shoutout to my fellow dream-nerd Emakhet, founder of Dream Council. I’ve learned a ton about dream interpretation from her live Sunday Council calls and want to acknowledge her potent mentoring in my dreamwork process. Check her work out if you’re interested in going deeper with dream interpretation. (And also a whispering thank you to my dear friend John Michael for musing on this dream with me…)

May your dreams be sweet,


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