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— art of lucid dreaming —
weild the
— art of lucid dreaming —
master the
— art of lucid dreaming —


the command of lucid dreaming to the level of artistry.

With practice, anyone can wield the art of lucid dreaming with precision. What’s a Lucid Dream?
A dream in which the dreamer is aware they’re dreaming

There are many access points into the oneironaut’s
a lucid dreamer; one with the ability to explore dreams consciously.
domain. Minimalism is ours.

Minimalism [n]. a style or technique that is characterized by extreme simplicity.


The first foundation to lucid dreaming is sleep hygiene optimization and building your dream recall.


The second is the implementation of lucid dreaming induction techniques into your routines.


The third is a deep and ongoing inquiry into areas of your life that you’d like to explore with lucid dreaming.

“dreaming is the most sophisticated of all spiritual arts.”

zen master rama

Lucid Dreaming is Self-care

Tending the inner world is just as essential as caring for our bodies and day world affairs. Dreams are a vital pathway to holistic self-care. Our inner and outer lives are inextricably bound, and attention to both can allow us to encounter a sustainable elegance in life.

Day Dream

Night Dream

Master the art

Days that delight, nights that glisten.⁠ Close your eyes to this world, open them to another.⁠

Start having lucid dreams.