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What is lucid dreaming really?

There’s some confusion as to what a lucid dream is if you’re new to the idea. Some think it’s an extremely vivid dream. But a true lucid dream is one wherein you recognize that you are dreaming while you are still in the dream itself. So there’s overlap, because with that awareness, most times comes a hyper-vividness.

There are gradual, soft induction styles and then there are more direct induction techniques that can be precisely wielded to have lucid dreams more frequently.

1. Start with a daily routine

•    and turn it into a reality check

Simplicity is the highest form of mastery.

When you’re just starting out, learning many techniques allows you to explore, choose and deepen into the subtleties of the one or two that work best for your unique psychology.

Hi, I'm Aluna Conrad...

Dreambender in chief, creator and writer for all curriculum and this blog.

I didn’t always have the ability to lucid dream. For me, it was a spontaneous event in my early twenties, brought on by reality checks; something I didn’t realize I was doing.

For me, lucid dreaming is an essential practice for my mental and spiritual health.

It took years to develop the skill naturally, but I instinctively knew it would be a gradual development. As I humbled myself to the process and became increasingly curious about the potential applications of lucid dreaming, I found it became more natural to me. The natural ability to lucid dreaming was not something that I was born with, it was something that took time and patience.

It may be different for you, but lucid dreaming is a skill that can be learned, no matter who you are or what your natural proclivity toward it is.

The Dreambender school of lucid dreaming is also a community of dreamers. After initiation, you recognize that induction techniques, while necessary, are only the beginning.

The oneironaut’s journey has many stages and potent thresholds to cross.

Facilitating an ongoing passion and curiosity is easy when it’s easy. When we plateau or find ourselves not excited to advance, the coherence of applied mentorship and a supportive community can become the muse and medicine needed to continue.

I encourage you to join The Dreambender Membership  (opens  in January of 2021) and experience the deepening with those on the same path. To be notified when registration opens, join the list and, in the meantime, get instant access to the Dreambender Community Library.