Simplicity is the highest form of mastery.

My approach to lucid dreaming is three-fold: get better sleep while building dream recall,  practice  lucid dreaming techniques, and explore your personal psychology. 

Meet your Instructor

Aluna Conrad, dreambender in chief and currently the only instructor of all curriculum. Want to join my team? Connect with me here.

Lucid dreaming was a skill I learned, I didn’t always have the ability to lucid dream. For me, it was a spontaneous event in my early twenties, brought on by reality checks; something I didn’t know I was doing. As I humbled myself to the slow but exhilarating process and became curious about the potential applications of lucid dreams, I found it became more natural to me.

For years, there was a kind of honeymoon phase in the beginning where I was able to ride on the exhilaration alone to induce lucid dreams almost every night.

But life happened… and that shiny thing became less easy.

That’s when it became a practice.

This is why, after more than 15 years of deepened loyalty to lucid dreaming’s promises of beauty and a more integrated psyche, I get to help my students develop their own personalized practice.

“A step towards what you fear is a mile towards mastering it.

Matshona Dhliwayo

I still encounter pitfalls that hinder  consistent lucidity. I still experience obstacles within the lucid dreams that I have to work to navigate. 

It may be different for you, but lucid dreaming is a skill that can be learned, no matter who you are or what your natural proclivity toward it is.

The Dreambender Lucid Dream School is also a community of dreamers. After you start to lucid dream intentionally, you recognize that induction techniques, while necessary, are only the beginning to consistent results.

Sustaining an ongoing passion and curiosity is easy when it’s easy.

When we plateau or find ourselves not excited to advance, the coherence of applied mentorship and a supportive community can become the muse needed to continue.

I encourage you to join The Dreambender Membership  (opens  in January of 2024) and experience the deepening with those on the same path. To be notified when registration opens, join the list and, in the meantime, get instant access to the Dreambender Community Library.